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I hail from all over this country, my family too, I suppose.  North to South and East to West I’ve been, and on occasion a few other countries, too.  But for now I’ve settled in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains surrounded by Nature, the greatest of muses.  Here I can roam this rugged land, discovering new plants and rocks and animals with every step.  Taking in all the glorious sights and immersing myself in this natural element, brings me a modicum of peace, a greater appreciation for each day and each special moment.  And so I document and explore and research and learn everything I can about this life, that I may find what is beautiful and share that with others, for though this life may be fleeting, there is beauty in and all around us.  Beauty to be remembered.  For we have all laughed.  We have all cried.  And as we were all young once, so too shall we all one day pass into the unknown.  But the spirit does live on. . .

Thus I discovered my passion and my calling as an artist, for this is my way to give back to this world some of the beauty it has given me to behold.  I didn’t always understand that was what I wanted to be; all I knew as a child was that making stuff was fun, and I sure liked fun!  I could feel that creating was my greatest pleasure, especially when I was immersed in it, but I didn’t identify it as such until I went to college for the first time (and still I was chasing whatever seemed ‘fun’, so not much came of my art until later).

And so, my time at Birmingham-Southern College dwindled, so too did my English degree, so too dwindled my spirit.  An English professor by the name of Ulrich, who was my class counselor at the time, told me, “You know, some people just weren’t meant for college.”  I got a job instead.  Turned out to be several.  But I had taken a painting class at BSC, had even adopted Art as my minor, and although the years after BSC were largely spent ‘lost without a purpose,’ I painted in my spare time. . .  but I wasn’t getting any better on my own.

As is often the case with lost and confused individuals, it took another person to point out the way. . .  Tired of seeing me unhappy, my mother said to me one day, “Tyler, you can be whatever you want to be!”  She told me to pick a vocation, go to school, get some training, “whatever you want to be, be it, and go do that!”

I was like “Really?”  Like it had never occurred to me that I could just go and do what I truly desired. . .  “I want to go to Art school,” I blurted!  And so, the quest began. . .

I chose the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and I couldn’t have picked a better school!  I learned everything I could get my hands on, working with as many mediums as possible.  Eventually I settled on drawing and painting and sculpture, and earned my Bachelors in Fine Art with a focus in those areas.  And THAT is all history. . .

Currently I am working with charcoals, pastels, oil paints, acrylics, steel, and whatever else gets the job done. . .

Thank you for visiting my site.  Enjoy!


2 responses

  1. i like your story ABOUT… IT is nice to see how you became an artist!
    Also i would like to see your painting!
    enjoy to read you

    July 20, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    • Yay! You are the first person to post a blog comment on my website!!! 🙂 Thank You, Sandrine! 🙂 Paintings are soon to come; I have just got to pick them up from getting them professionally scanned, for most of them are pallet knife work, and are quite difficult to get a quality image of by myself!

      July 21, 2011 at 12:37 PM

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